Vice President (VP) of Marketing

Oakland, California, United States · Marketing


Suiteness has kept a low profile while we’ve been partnering with the best hotels to get access to inventory they don’t distribute elsewhere. We’ve also built the first technical platform that allows for mapping and booking “connecting room” inventory. We are fast approaching the point where we can scale exponentially.

Boring isn’t an option. Now is the time for us to make big bets and win sometimes and make mistakes others. But it’s in the apology that real relationships are made. We need a bold leader with a vision for communicating our value to customers to experiment and make things happen.

What we sell is inherently fun and makes the hotel experience more connected and social. Taking trips with your loved ones is when great memories are made. A suite gives you the shared space of a vacation rental without the hassle and risk. We’ve built the technology, the concierge team, formed the partnerships, and gathered the data and now everyone needs to know why we are better.

We need our customers relationship to the Suiteness brand to be visceral. You should craft a brand that people get excited to tell their friends about. We will know we have made it when people named their children Suiteness.

About Suiteness

Suiteness is the only place to book luxury hotel suites online. We are a start-up located in Oakland California with 25 team members around the world. Since starting in 2012, we've raised our funding from great investors like Y Combinator, Structure Capital, Bullpen Capital, and the Global Founders Fund. We are on a great growth curve and are approaching profitability.

Suiteness is endeavoring to build a diverse and inclusive team. We want to work with the best, regardless of race, age, gender identity, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or physical appearance. We believe a varied set of backgrounds and experiences makes us stronger together.

Our Core Values


Location & Travel

Our main office is in Broadway in Oakland, California above the 12th Street Bart station. While the majority of our employees are remote, this position will likely perform best by being in the office most of the time. So we are looking for Bay Area candidates, or those looking to relocate.

We don’t anticipate much travel outside of our twice-yearly all-hands gathering. But if you decide that travel is an important part then there will be travel. The key is that we trust you to decide how all aspects of your department work.


We work with one of the top HR & Benefits firms to make sure our medical, dental, and vision are on par with the biggest tech firms in the bay. We cover 100% of the payments for employees and all of their dependants.

Because we are a travel company we want to encourage travel as much as possible so we have a 2 week minimum vacation policy with a flexible max, and we take the last week of the year off.

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